February – the busy month

Yes, it’s been a busy summer.  In addition to my regular markets twice a month (the Trafalgar Arts Market and the Warragul Arts Market) I’m preparing for the Ficifolia Art Show and the Festival of Glass.  I’ve created two pieces for the Ficifolia Art Show and one for the F0G.

You know when you have a vision in your mind but you just can’t seem to realise it? That’s been my problem with one piece for the Art Show.  I made these great flower beads which I love but putting it together has been a challenge.  Make them sit properly to show them off but be wearable too was the challenge.  I played with this one for an entire day making and ripping it out.  It was exhausting.  I’ve finished with it and put it aside.  Sometimes you just have to say I can’t do any more with this piece and it stays as is.  As I look at it a few weeks later I don’t really like it but will enter it anyway.  I have no expectations that it will win anything.  Here it is:

I decided then to make a second piece totally outside my comfort zone and I like it much better.  I think I’ll make another necklace along the same lines for the Festival of Glass.  More pics of that later.

So, tomorrow it will be back to the torch.  I have a workshop coming up in March that needs special focal beads.  No rest for the wicked!


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