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I sell my finished handmade glass beads and designs at local artisan shows and galleries and online.

Some of my work is also available via this website.

Each handmade glass bead is unique, as no two beads are exactly alike. Small handmade lampwork glass beads, ideal for earrings are also a speciality.

What’s the difference between my handmade beads and others you may buy? Artistic design and quality. All my beads are annealed for strength and durability and I stand behind my work.

You know the old saying ‘You get what you pay for!’ Well that’s why handmade lampwork glass beads are always more expensive than the run of the mill, craft store beads.


Meet Wendy

I love making lampwork glass beads. My ideal day would be to make beads all day. I’m a self-taught lampworker but have recently studied with Corinna Tetinger and James Smirchich. I live in Drouin, Victoria, Australia with my husband, Barry.

It gives me great pleasure to create my unique handmade glass bead pieces and an even greater pleasure to see them worn. Although lampworking is quite challenging, I learn new things each day and continue to grow as an artisan. My goal is to make wearable art at an affordable price.

Wholesale pricing is available upon request.

Please visit these associations to which I belong:
The International Society of Glass Beadmakers – www.isgb .org
Bead Society of Victoria –www.beadsociety.com.au
Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild – www.aussiebeadmakers.com

Craft Victoria – www.craftvic.org.au

Additional sites of Interest:
The Annealer Magazine –www.theannealermagazine.com
Beading Forum –www.beadingforum.com.au

Lampwork etc. Craft Pop


Open Studios West Gippsland Exciting Times

Yesterday I attended the RACV Gippsland Tourism Conference at Lardner Park with Helen Timbury and Kay Lancashire on behalf of Open Studios West Gippsland. It was a tremendous opportunity which was supported by our wonderful Karen Whittaker-Taylor from the Baw Baw Shire. Helen did a 10 minute presentation on OSWG to 150 tourism people. It …


Unfortunately, classes are not available at this time.  Feel free to contact Wendy for further information.


One Day Beginner Class – $150 (includes all supplies and coffee/tea)

Would you like to learn how to make glass beads? Classes for individual instruction have begun. You will learn the basics of lampworking and take home the beads you make. Support material will also be provided. Classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (weekends when available) at my studio in Drouin, Victoria.

Call now 0407710180 to inquire or send me an email info@beadywendy.com.au.

A 50% deposit will be required when booking your class. Payable by cash, VISA, Mastercard or via Paypal.

TO BOOK YOUR CLASS, PLEASE CONTACT WENDY AT info@beadywendy.com.au or 5625 5349 or 0407710180

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