Sometimes you just have to go with the flow

I’ve always had a love affair with copper.  Recently, I’ve been playing with cold connections, copper, glass and enamel (fine glass).  My bright idea a few weeks ago was to make a funky bird enamelled brooch.  No probs, I say to myself.  Just make an enamelled piece and cold connect it to another piece with the brooch pin in back.  Sure!  I’ve found out the hard way that it’s almost impossible to hammer a rivet into an enamelled piece without cracking the enamel.

First try and I went back and re-enamelled to heal the crack.  Then I scoured the internet to see if there was a tutorial somewhere about it.  Why reinvent the wheel, eh?  I found what I thought was the answer, paid $38 for a digital tutorial.  What I wanted to know was at the very end and lasted about 10 seconds!!! No answers there and I’ve wasted $38.

I don’t know about you but my brain keeps stewing about these things until I finally come up with an answer.  Life is busy here so I put that project and problem aside and got ready to teach a beginners bead embellishing workshop.  Just as I was packing up I looked at the little red bird on my table and thought – ‘I’ll just embellish this guy and turn  him into the brooch he was meant to be.’  And it worked.  Here he is and he’s quite fun.

bird brooch

I guess the lesson in this is you have to go with the flow.  Often, when I’m melting glass it takes me where it wants to go but not necessarily where I want to go.  The whole thing of trying it from a different angle and being flexible was my life’s lesson here.  BTW if anyone out there knows how to solve my dilemma, email me please!

I’ll keep working with copper and enamel and will find my way but I realise now it may not be the way I want to go.



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